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The Green Elephant Child Care Centre is different in that we provide unique and creative day care services mindfully designed for children. Our all-inclusive day care centre servicing Coogee offers a varied curriculum for every child to thrive. Since we continually strive for excellence in early childhood learning, getting to know your children is our goal. Our dedicated and accredited teachers, nutritious meals and snacks as well as morning and afternoon tea, give our centre the feel of home. We also have an open-door policy for parents to visit and encourage you to come bond with your child when you’re able to during the busy work week.


Family Owned Day Care Centre Serving Coogee and Surrounding Areas


As a family owned and operated early learning centre in Coogee, we understand the value of teaching good health at an early age. Our qualified nutritionist and chef create healthy meals just like you would at home. Caring for your children like we do our own, we provide daily healthy meals that are cooked by our chef on the premises. There’s a dedicated dining room so kids can share meals, morning and afternoon tea times as well as diets to accommodate special concerns such as vegan or food avoidance due to allergies. Our wellness focused six-week rotating meal plan ensures healthy eating and exploration without having to eat the same food all the time.


In addition to teaching the importance of good health, we teach the importance of safety. Our exceptional Safe Elephant programme teaches self-defence and real life safety techniques. This unique hands-on physical training instils confidence for children to protect themselves from real-world threats such as bullying and rough play.


Early Learning Centre for Coogee and Surrounds


At The Green Elephant, our child care centre is as unique as each child in our care. As an all-inclusive centre, your child will be part of several learning programmes affectionately referred to as the ‘eight elephant programmes’. There’s the specialised outdoor programme with a dedicated teacher, who spends quality time encouraging physical activity. Our brand new outdoor space invites kids to explore their surrounding and move, move, move!


Also, we know that creativity is much more than just painting or drawing something. While these activities are encouraged and offered, our unique creative programme nurtures each child’s creative expression through visual arts and various activities including art and crafts, dramatic play, dress-up, imaginative play and role-playing. The magic takes place in our dedicated performing arts room where the kids turn up their imaginations, make music and let the creativity soar!


These are just a few of the eight Elephant Programmes offered by our child care centre - schedule a visit today and see all that we offer. Call now to reserve your child’s sport – we have limited availability at our Early Learning Centres! Send us an email for more information ( or call us on 13 035 3742 today! We look forward to meeting you and your child soon.



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