The Creative Elephant understands how important creativity is for a child’s healthy mental development and should be encouraged at every opportunity.

Creativity provides children with the opportunity to express their ideas and their feelings. It offers an outlet for children to cope with issues that concern them. It enables children to develop problem solving skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Most importantly, creativity encourages children to discover who they are, to unleash hidden dreams and talents and to embrace their individuality. The true essence of creativity is much more than making something or writing something or painting something.

Creativity involves ideas, interpretations and decisions that are part of a process that is as important as the result.


Groovy Elephant is a fun program which fosters development through music, movement, creativity and interaction.

Music is a wonderful tool to use with children as they are inherently musical and generally respond positively to musical stimuli. As babies grow into toddlers, music can be used to reinforce their development and help meet important milestones.

Music is fun, fosters creativity and joy, and allows children to participate at their own level and pace. By its very nature music enhances learning, and children’s songs are particularly effective because they are repetitive, providing lots of rehearsal͛ opportunity and are predictable, enabling children to anticipate what comes next.


We believe children are never too young to begin learning about health and Healthy Elephant builds on essential and holistic knowledge children need to care for their bodies and mind now and in the future. Our curriculum targets healthy eating, sleeping, hygiene, relationships and feelings.

Good nutrition is a key focus as it essential for strong and healthy growth. Every lesson includes a simple and fun discussion about eating well and giving our bodies good fuel.

We believe in promoting healthy eating habits and good nutrition to contribute to children’s longer term health and wellbeing.

Children In Vegetable Field

Safety Awareness For Children


Safe Elephant teaches children important and crucial life skills, in a fun play based environment.

This program ensures that each child understands safety awareness skills which are increasingly important in today’s world. It gives children some simple and practical tools to protect themselves from dangerous or uncomfortable situations so that they have freedom and confidence to enjoy life.

We teach a holistic range of topics to help children stay safe and enjoy life. We address everyday situations and topics to ensure that children develop knowledge of safe and unsafe environments, as well as how to avoid dangers and accidents.


Fit Elephant is a fun, physical program that helps children develop into strong, healthy, confident individuals with a love of life and a passion for their world.

This program is designed to assist children in developing important physical skills, as well as their environmental, nutritional and safety awareness.

Fit Elephant focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills, to assist children in developing core physical skills, while also building fitness. This introduces children to a love of physical activity and the outdoors, aiming to ensure that children continue this interest into their schooling years.

Fit Elephant makes a real difference to children’s lives, encouraging friendships and a love of fitness.

Young Kid Playing Soccer


Learning a foreign language is the ultimate brain booster. Language literally re-writes and re-wires the brain. More than any other area of learning.

The process of learning a language creates more synapses in the brain and dramatically increases the density of the grey matter of the brain. These are powerful changes that make a lifetime of difference. The physical changes in the brain manifest in important intellectual developments within a child.


Our innovative programs develop confident and creative learners who become active and involved citizens. We achieve this through our engagement in the community and its surroundings.

Explorer Elephant is a hands-on experiential learning program based on regular small group visits to museums, art galleries, local parks and libraries within the community, for an extended period of play and exploration.

Travel to these excursions include public transport and allow the children to experience the world around them and understand the concepts of road safety and awareness.

Children Facing Walls


At the Green Elephant, school readiness starts in our nursery room and is embedded throughout the whole centre.

Our environments are designed for children to develop the qualities needed to succeed in all areas of life, including school. Supporting children’s school readiness is about assisting them in developing skills in areas such as literacy, numeracy and self-care, when they are ready and at their own pace.

Children’s social competence is at the core of school readiness and effective school transitions. Social skills such as sharing, turn taking and playing well with other children are essential in assisting children’s short and long-term success at school.