Healthy Kids: A Guide To Keeping Your Children Healthy

Healthy Kids: A Guide To Keeping Your Children Healthy

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When it comes to kids’ health, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Every child is special and unique, and promoting health means making sure they’re feeling great in their own skin. That’s where fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins come in. A balanced diet and plenty of water is key in supporting kids’ mental and physical growth, and maintaining their energy levels and attention span. It’s also important for kids to move their bodies – this is where the real fun begins! Team sports, bike rides, dancing, and outdoor adventures are just some of the exciting ways to encourage physical activity. 

If you’re looking for some top tips on how to keep your kids healthy and feeling great, you’ve come to the right place. The Green Elephant understands the importance of promoting fun, engaging activities and healthy eating habits, and letting kids be their amazing selves!

Healthy Eating: Healthy Snacks for Kids

Eating healthy is like a treasure hunt! Kids can discover delicious and nutritious foods that make their bodies happy. What’s better than finding a new favourite treat to munch on? Snacks are like little power-ups that keep kids going throughout the day. Instead of reaching for processed snacks filled with preservatives and additives, how about trying one of the following healthy snacks for kids: 

  • A plate of sliced fruit with a drizzle of yogurt
  • A veggie and hummus wrap
  • Greek yogurt with berries and granola
  • Whole wheat crackers with almond butter
  • A smoothie made with spinach, banana, and milk
  • A piece of whole grain toast with avocado and a sprinkle of salt

These options are packed with vitamins and nutrients that your child’s body needs to grow and thrive. And the best part is that they’re easy to prepare and perfect to take on-the-go.

How Does Sugar Affect Childrens’ Health? 

High-sugar foods can be especially appealing to kids, as they provide a “power-up” feeling – but this extra energy is short-lived and it comes at a price. Too much sugar can lead to a range of health problems, like dental cavities, weight gain, headaches, and even long-term issues. A ‘sugar crash’ – the sudden drop in energy levels experienced after eating high-sugar foods – can also leave kids feeling irritable and exhausted. 

Candy and sweets aren’t the only foods that contain added sugar; it’s also in many of the foods you might not expect, like ketchup, cereal, and even some types of bread. The key to winning the battle against sugar is to offer sweet treats in moderation, and to make smarter food choices by swapping out high-sugar foods for healthier options. It’s all about balance. 

Outdoor Play and Your Kids Health

Outdoor play is a crucial aspect of childrens’ wellbeing, as it allows them to have fun, get moving, and explore the natural world. The great outdoors is like a giant playground, filled with endless opportunities for adventure.

When kids play outside, they get to experience the joy of running, jumping, climbing, and exploring. They can play games, ride bikes, fly kites, and even build forts – all while building their motor skills and strength, and enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. 

In addition to the physical benefits of outdoor play, there are also psychological and emotional benefits. Several studies (like this one, published in the National Library of Medicine) have shown that being outside can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and boost self-esteem. When playing in social groups, kids can also learn about the value of peer relationships. This also applies to team sports, which can boost kids’ confidence and help to build communication and leadership skills through challenges and competitions. 

All in all, outdoor play provides endless opportunities for fun, learning, and growth. So next time you see your kids itching to run outside, don’t hold them back. Let them experience all the benefits the great outdoors has to offer!

How Much Screen Time Should Kids Have?

The effects of television and other electronic devices on children has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. While these devices can offer a range of benefits, such as providing access to educational content and entertainment, they can also have negative effects on childrens’ development, which can include delays in language and communication, attention problems, and behavioural issues.

Screen time for kids should be balanced with other activities, such as outdoor play, reading, and socialising. The Australian Institute of Family Studies recommends that parents establish clear guidelines for screen time. For children aged 2 to 5 years, screen time should be limited to one hour per day, and for children aged 5 to 17, the recommended limit is no more than two hours per day (this time should not include activities related to schoolwork). It’s important to establish a routine where screens are turned off at specific times, like dinner time, bedtime, or early morning. This will allow kids to focus on other important things such as sleep, play, and connecting with others.

Healthy Learning for Kids

The programs we offer at The Green Elephant are designed to promote healthy learning for kids by incorporating elements of physical activity, nutrition education, and mental wellness into their curriculum. We believe that a child’s overall health and wellbeing is just as important as their academic progress.

Our programs encourage children to develop healthy eating habits, relationships, and a positive attitude towards learning, nurturing them to be the best versions of themselves – both academically and personally. Visit our Curriculum page to learn more.

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Contact us to schedule a tour. Our team will be happy to guide you around and answer any questions you may have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see how The Green Elephant can help your child reach their full potential!

Are You Eligible for A Child Care Subsidy?

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a government program that helps families with the cost of approved and registered child care. The amount of subsidy you can receive is based on your family’s income and the type of care you use. If you’re wondering if you’re eligible for a subsidy, look no further! The Green Elephant understands that child care can be a financial strain for many families, which is why we’ve created a child care subsidy calculator to help you determine your eligibility and make an informed decision about child care.