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The need for quality child care is greater than ever - about 70% of parents place their children in some type of child care centre. Whether you choose a partial day, full day or an after-school programme, there are some common elements to look for in a child care centre to ensure your child is receiving the best possible care. When you’re looking for a day care centre in Kingsford or the surrounding neighbourhoods, it's wise to consider your child’s personality, health, interests, diet, limitation as well as general preferences. Also, it’s important to make sure that the centre’s overall philosophies about child care, such as discipline, sleep, play and learning, align with your own.


Another crucial component if you’re seeking a quality early learning centre in Kingsford, is to ask if the day care centre is designed to provide different opportunities to various age groups. For example, at The Green Elephant Day Care Centre, we cater to children aged from birth to 6 and have a variety of programmes to suit the needs of each developmental age. We service the areas around Kingsford.


The Green Elephant – Providing Day Care Centre Services for Kingsford


Children thrive on love and attention and their day care experience should offer the same safety and security. A quality child care centre should provide an environment wherein the children feel comfortable. At The Green Elephant, we provide a loving home-like atmosphere, so every child feels as though they belong. Another thing to consider is the staff to student ratio. We have a low staff to student ratio which means that your child will get the personalized attention they deserve.


A good child care centre will be able to accommodate children as they develop. There should be age appropriate toys, play time and exposure to their peer groups. At The Green Elephant, we are proud of our ability to provide for the changing needs of growing children.


What Should a Parent Ask a Potential Child Care Provider?


Are you thinking of finding a child care centre in Kingsford? Before you decide on a facility, there are a few helpful questions to ask to ease future stress. First, find out the policy for sick children and drop-off and pickup times. Most early learning centres will ask that a sick child be removed and have relatively strict pickup and drop-off policies. There may even be a ‘quarantine' time before the child is allowed back on the premises. Knowing the schedule ahead of time will help you to plan and avoid stressful situations.


Also, ask about the protocol for parent visits and the overall centre schedule. Knowing your child’s daily routine away from home will help you to align the home routine and provide a consistency that is crucial for development. Whether you’re looking for a day care centre in Kingsford or other areas, choosing one with an open-door visitation policy can ease the adjustment for a child outside of the home.


Visit us at The Green Elephant and see why we’re different. Contact us now to secure your child’s spot at this excellent early learning facility- or call us on 13 035 3742 today.



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