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Are you a working parent in need of quality child care? Call upon the wisdom of the Green Elephant! In October 2015, our brand new Green Elephant Child Care Centre in Mascot opened its doors. With plans to open a second site in Waterloo in a few short months, we aim to provide quality child care services in Mascot and the surrounding areas.


We offer a unique atmosphere that is both loving and enthusiastic and an infectious positive energy to encourage each child to reach their fullest potential. It is our goal to make children feel the safety and security necessary for creative learning. Offering several amenities such as a play-focused curriculum, the latest technology, healthy meals prepared on-site, a designated art space, gardening, music and language programme and even a fitness programme, we treat your kids like family.


Socialising Children in the Child Care Centre in Mascot


It’s no secret that that children learn by imitating others and thrive when socialised early in their lives. Studies show that children who attend early learning centres may benefit from exposure to a larger variety of social situations than kids who do not have the exposure. The study cites daycare children as having elevated communication skills, including the ability to adjust non-verbal communication. Another advantage to daycare is that there are several children, so your child gets to learn by interacting. They absorb the valuable life lessons like how to share, interact with kids of different ages and how to communicate. There are also many positive role models like our knowledgeable instructors, so your child can learn by watching and doing. As a family owned and operated company providing day care centre in Mascot and the surrounding suburbs, we consider our centres an extension of your family.


Learning by Playing – at the Green Elephant Early Learning Centre


Since kids develop at different rates, there's no cookie cutter way to ensure they’re getting what they need at each stage. A sign of a good early learning centre in Mascot is having the capacity to adapt to the growing and changing needs of the children as they transition to new phases of play development. For example, at the Green Elephant, we have various classrooms for each stage of a child’s development and a curriculum geared for a variety of learning levels and needs.


Our learning programme is aligned with our play-based learning philosophy, and this learning model encourages young children to understand their environment through experimentation. At our day care centres, they will develop by practicing, communicating and interacting. This play-centred curriculum promotes a creative and confident child with a true sense of self.


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