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The Green Elephant is committed to protecting our environment to ensure a sustainable future for our children and through continuous improvement we strive to be a better tomorrow than we are today.


Learning about sustainability starts with everyday practice. Sustainable practices are embedded in the children’s daily routine and in their day-to-day activities, these include:


• Using recyclable materials where possible

• Encouraging children to use half flush on the toilets

• Encouraging children to turn the water off when they have washed their hands

• Encouraging children to recycle paper and rubbish within their rooms, at home
   and when in the community

• Talking with the children about electricity and encouraging them to turn off lights

• Educating children and having them participate in ‘garden to plate’ activities
   i.e. seed sprouting, weeding, vegetable gardens, cooking amongst other activities

• Educating children on caring for plants and our waterways i.e. recycling water

• Emptying the children’s drinking bottles onto the garden

• Asking families to bring in recyclable items to use for arts and craft

• Planning excursions and incursions focused on sustainable practices, such as:

          - Contacting the council to present educational opportunities for sustainability  
             workshops and events.

          - Visiting the zoo and learning about the animals (sponsoring an animal)

          - Inviting families and other community members to share their sustainable
             ideas and practices.



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