The Green Elephant Early Learning Centres are family owned and operated services. Having three young children of our own, we understand the importance of providing an environment where children feel safe and secure much like home.

We realise the level of trust you place in us when enrolling your child. We are committed to providing the highest quality standard of care and education possible.

As a family working together, we are passionate about raising the bar in the industry. We simply want to do early learning better, incorporating fundamental principles that are important to us.

The Green Elephant ELC is guided by the concept of “family” which is paramount to us and this core value is implemented in every facet of our business and beyond. Not only are we committed to working in partnership with families to foster a nurturing, child focused educational and caring environment but we also believe in creating a genuine sense of community and contributing where we can. We work together as a family and as part of a community.

We strive to be the model for exceeding practice. Innovative, motivated and forward thinkers, we never become complacent in our centres. We continuously challenge the status quo, always looking at how we can improve every aspect of our service. 

We believe our limits are only bound by our imaginations. We think outside the box and even colour outside the lines.

We welcome you to The Green Elephant and look forward to meeting you and your family soon.

Early Learning Centres Three Happy Kids


At The Green Elephant it is our philosophy to foster an environment that is nurturing, warm and safe, providing the highest level of care and education for all children. We aim to provide a home away from home that is inclusive for all and enables each child to feel secure enough to develop at their own pace. 

We recognise the value of play based learning and how this shapes young minds and are dedicated to providing individual and group learning experiences in a fun and stimulating environment. We believe that children are successful, competent and curious learners. At The Green Elephant children are valued for their ability to do meaningful work, their wonder, curiosities, and their need to play. 

Our purpose is to learn from our children, to support their learning journey and foster a love of learning that will guide them through life. We aim to understand each child for the individual they are, the path they choose and the life they lead by being active listeners, learning from them and through them. 

At the Green Elephant we value all families’ heritage, culture and opinions. We view our centre and its educators as part of the diverse community in which families raise their children. We aim to create a respectful partnership with our families and endeavour to be a positive influence on their family life. We believe in a collaborative approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for young children. 

We are ever-changing, ever evolving centres who see ourselves as an extension of all our families and our communities. Our unique centres have a vibrant atmosphere with their own soundtrack of laughter, joy, happiness, excitement and individuality. 


At The Green Elephant we have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic educators who bring a wealth of knowledge, character, ethnicity and passion to our centres, enabling us to engage with children in a meaningful and unique way. 

Our team of educators are advocates for children’s rights and voices, recognising the significance of their presence during this crucial time in young children’s lives. Our educators are genuine, motivated, highly skilled individuals who treat each child equally, strive to meet the needs of each child at The Green Elephant and most importantly provide respect, care and trust. We are a proud, strong and welcoming team. 


We do things a little different, so we stand out from the rest. We think outside the box…and even colour outside the lines. We are a creative and innovative bunch of professional educators, passionate about what we do, and we are not alone in thinking this. Check out our stories. The Green Elephant is proud to be seen as a centre leading the way in which we care for children.



If you’re interested in joining The Green Elephant team, we’d love to hear from you!
We’re always looking for bright, proactive, community minded individuals who are passionate about teaching our
future generations to become responsible, global citizens.

Email careers@thegreenelephant.com.au to send your resume.