Sustainability is at the core of The Green Elephant’s philosophy and it is embedded in everything we do.
We are for investing in our future, educating our newest generation to act in a responsible way, a way that will preserve the environment to be lasting and thriving. Our aim is to raise responsible little humans who will grow up to become the generation of sustainability. One that leads our communities and protects our future with a strong conscience for the environment.

Why is it so important to us?

Without sustainability, the future is uncertain.
The Green Elephant is committed to role modelling better practices that will not only protect the environment, but which will provide space and opportunities for children to develop a true appreciation and gratitude for our planet’s natural resources. We take the time to grow our vibrant vegetable gardens using collected rain water and use recycled materials for our activities. These are some of the small steps taken towards creating a better world.

Elephant Made From Plastic Bottles